I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1992 with a BFA in Printmaking, then drove cross country to settle in San Francisco just as everyone was becoming aware of the Internet.

I learned HTML and PhotoShop and got to work. Hollywood and the music industry were spending loads of money trying to conquer this new landscape. I worked with some innovative teams to create engaging experiences and deliver them to users through dial-up connections.

Home screen of Discovery Channel Planet Explorer episode 1

Highlight: Discovery Channel Planet Explorer (Prophet Communications/frog design SF)

Client goal: re-use production assets to build an immersive interactive game online to promote the release of a CD-ROM game.

I served as project manager and co-designer/developer. We created six interactive episodes with soundtrack, storyline, and puzzles to reveal clues to solve a mystery.

The release of our online game proved more engaging than the CD-ROM it was promoting and resulted in Discovery Channel going back to the drawing board to re-imaging the Planet Explorer brand.

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