Hi. My name is Troy DeRego. I design experiences for users of digital media and services.

I believe solutions come from truly understanding the problem through the perspective of the people who face them. I believe UX designers have and obligation to make goals attainable for ALL users. There is no such thing as an “edge-case.”

My areas of expertise: User Research, Information Architecture, UI Design, User Testing, Accessibility

My tools: user interviews, user journey maps, wireframes, lo-fi and functional prototypes, usability tests

My mediums: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Twig, SQL, Drupal

My process

  • UX Research – Understand the problem from the user’s perspective.
  • Information Architecture – Create a road map so the user can find their way to achieve their goal.
  • UI Design – Brainstorm and propose a solution the problem.
  • Prototype – Test the idea early and often.
  • Build and Launch – Put the pieces together and get it out the door.
  • Test and Analyze – Did we get it right? Can the user achieve their goal? Can we make it better?

My User Experience Design journey began in the early days of the Web. My excitement in discovering how we share stories and interact in this new medium has only increased over time. I understand that it is the little things that can make or break an experience. I constantly search for knowledge in front-end development and data management as a means to that end. When people truly connect with one another anything is possible.

Here is a brief overview of my journey as a UX designer.

I. Telling Interactive Stories in a Brand New Medium
II. Visual and Narrative Story: Film & Screenwriting
III. User-Centered Design: UX/UI
IV. UX Design in the “Real” World
V. Usability = Accessibility

Recent Projects

Case Studies