Five Inspiring Food Entrepreneur Podcasts

I love podcasts. As an entrepreneur, there are some days when you just have to get away from social media where everyone posts success stories and sales pitches, and tune into something real, honest, and useful. These are some of the podcast I listen to regularly to hear interviews with the people out there leading the revolution in the food industry.

When you are tired of true crime and political banter, subscribe to one of these. Even if you are not aspiring to run a food startup, you will find something inspiring and discover many excellent brands that you may have previously overlooked. I know I have been eating and drinking much better since I started listening! (Perhaps one day soon you will hear me on an episode discussing my Naturally Fermented Craft Beer Grain Crackers™.)

1. BevNET’s Taste Radio

Taste Radio logo

BevNET’s Taste Radio podcast explores beverage, food and beer with the industries’ leaders, innovators and rising stars. The Taste Radio audience is filled with fledgling and established brands. They hear stories from founders and pros taking products from dream to shelf with emphasis on actionable tips and inspiration stemming from success and failure.

Every episode is packed with useful info and tips on new products, so jump in anywhere. Most recently I listened to Episode 83 featuring an interview with Saffron Road founder Adnan Durrani. His story is inspiring and I bought some frozen dinners that night and they were awesome.

2. Food Startups Podcast

Food Startups Podcast

We want to help you share your project with the world and turn it into a sustainable business. You are not alone. Every week, we deliver a new show with a guest that could be in the beginning stage of a startup, a food author/advisor, or head of a 8/9 figure revenue company.

Just discovered this one and listened to Madeline Haydon discuss the founding of nutpods, a dairy-free coffee creamer. There are more than 150 episodes and I can’t wait to dig into some more!

3. S1:E1 Mark Henderson on Made in Mississippi

Made In Mississippi podcast logo

The Made in Mississippi Podcast is not necessarily about food, but it is about inspiring entrepreneurs and creators in the state of Mississippi, a place with a unique set of challenges for startups where my business happens to reside.

I am going to recommend one episode in particular, the premiere, featuring a discussion with Mark Henderson, the co-founder of Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company, the very first and now largest brewery in the state. This is a story of perseverance, determination and having the guts to ask “Why not?”

4. Brand Builder

Brand Builder podcast logo

Brand Builder is the podcast that brings you the people, stories, and lessons learned from the most innovative natural food and beverage brands in the world. Brand Builder is a co-production of SnackNation and ForceBrands.

This is a new one. Episode 8 with 301 INC VP and General Manager John Haugen was especially informative. The hosts are snack experts, of course, so they do a great job at breaking out important bite sized nuggets from really expansive conversations.

5. NPR’s How I Built This

How I Built This podcast logo

This is another podcast that only occasionally is about food, but it is about major brands that have changed the landscape of their space and how they came to be. Check out the episode with John Makey, founder of Whole Foods Market. As a major piece of Amazon’s plan to rule the world, it seems important to understand how Whole Foods landed in the crosshairs.