My bread is NOT art: why I am not an artisan baker

artisan bread

Art is a difficult word to define. For our purposes here I will say it is a form of expression that when experienced conveys some idea about the human condition. Wow. That’s a pretty heavy burden for a guy just trying to make a living selling flour, water, and salt. What I do is a craft. I have studied and developed the skills to create a product which offers pleasure and nourishment to my customers.  I put bread on your table, you put “bread” on mine. Simple. Continue reading “My bread is NOT art: why I am not an artisan baker”

Five Inspiring Food Entrepreneur Podcasts

I love podcasts. As an entrepreneur, there are some days when you just have to get away from social media where everyone posts success stories and sales pitches, and tune into something real, honest, and useful. These are some of the podcast I listen to regularly to hear interviews with the people out there leading the revolution in the food industry.

When you are tired of true crime and political banter, subscribe to one of these. Even if you are not aspiring to run a food startup, you will find something inspiring and discover many excellent brands that you may have previously overlooked. I know I have been eating and drinking much better since I started listening! (Perhaps one day soon you will hear me on an episode discussing my Naturally Fermented Craft Beer Grain Crackers™.) Continue reading “Five Inspiring Food Entrepreneur Podcasts”